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IMAPS Poland-Chapter

IMAPS-Poland Chapter is an autonomous part of the international association of The Microelectronics and Packaging Society - IMAPS.

It is a scientific and technical association that develops and promotes knowledge about modern microelectronic technologies by organizing cyclic international conferences, symposia, exhibitions, specialist courses and other forms of exchange of professional experience among its members.

IMAPS is a continuation of the activities of the International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics (ISHM), which, after its merger with The International Electronics and Packaging Society (IEPC) in 1997, formed the current IMAPS.

The Polish Section is present in the international ISHM and IMAPS communities since 1982.

Participation in it is voluntary and the activity is based on members' community service.

Currently IMAPS-Poland Chapter has 120 members representing national scientific and industrial research units as well as foreign ones.

Legal status:

Forma prawna: Stowarzyszenie
KRS: 0000117280
REGON: 35034875200000
NIP: 679-24-08-374
Rok rejestracji: 1998



Instytut Technologii Elektronowej o/Kraków

ul. Zabłocie 39

30-701 Kraków, Poland

Tel: (*48 12) 656 51 83

Upcoming Events:

42nd IMAPS Poland

42nd IMAPS Poland / 2018

WWW: http://www.imaps.aei.polsl.pl/


President: Małgorzata Jakubowska  – Warsaw University of Technology
V-ce President: Karol Malecha – Wrocław University of Science and Technology
President Elect: Piotr Jasiński – Gdańsk University of Technology
Secretary: Dariusz Klepacki – Rzeszów University of Technology
Treasurer: Agata Skwarek – Institute of Electron Technology, Kraków Branch

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